School Building


School Class Rooms

Our classroom is carefully designed to reduce monotony and to stimulate thought process. Each classroom is unique, yet proudly showcases our brand message. The furniture and equipment used in the classrooms ensure the comfort of the students. Our audit team monitors the devices at regular intervals to ensure proper functioning and upgrades.


School Laboratories

Practical experience is a vital part of the educational programme. Our school understands the inevitability and has established an array of laboratories for the welfare of the students. These labs assist the students in enhancing their skills and theoretical knowledge through experience and research. Our laboratories are equipped with the state-of-the-art instruments and facilities are made available for the benefit of the students. The school has employed sufficient equipment to ensure access to all the students. Separate time slots are allotted for each lab and the students are permitted to access the units after school.


Sport and Activities


Music and Dance


Art and Craft


Computer Labs


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